What is CrossPIT?
CrossPIT is a mixed martial arts/kickboxing specific version of CrossFit. John Hackleman (of the world famous PIT Training Camp for UFC Fighters) created CrossPIT with the same goals and philosophy as CrossFit: use what works, toss the rest AND kick butt! We offer 30, 45 and 60 minute classes.

Will I get hurt?
Is fighting/sparring involved? There is no contact sparring involved. The only striking you will perform is on bags! And if you decide you want to fight or spar, we have a program for that too!

Do I need to be in shape to participate?
No way! Our workouts are challenging and we work at our own pace. Each daily workout is scalable to your fitness capabilities. Our ultimate goal is to improve our health, stamina and strength and CrossPIT works for all ages, sizes and abilities. CrossPIT classes demonstrate you are stronger than you think! And you will get stronger and leaner too!

Do I need mixed martial arts experience?
NO! We will teach you all you need to know about punching, kicking and more. The movements are simple and you will fine-tune your techniques as you learn. The end result will leave you stress- free, healthier and kicking butt!

How many calories does an average CrossPIT burn?
While bodies differ, our experience indicates a range of 500-750 calories depending on intensity and class length.

What if I can't do some of the exercises or activities?
Our trained instructors can provide you with alternative activities if you are working around an injury or disability. All of our PITs are scalable so you can do what you can safely and effectively. Our in class instruction will help you learn the best way to do all activities. We can provide ideas of things to do outside of class including stretching to help you between classes.

Who leads the CrossPITs?
Our enthusiastic, knowledgeable, motivating and well-trained instructors are PIT AZ Certified. We only want the best of the best instructors that will help you meet all your goals. He/She has been trained not only in the proper form for each activity but also in our unique leadership and teaching curriculum. Many of our instructors have a variety of degrees, certifications, and experience. Our instructors work together to select and design PITs and communicate with each other about class and student needs.

What is the dress code?
Simply dress comfortably. We recommend loose-fitting, breathable clothes. Shoes are optional. If you are training on our mats, your must remove street worn shoes or wear mat-only shoes.

What kind of physical changes can I expect?
That depends on what you want! Lose weight, strengthen, tone, improve stamina and endurance - those are only a few of the goals you can achieve. We can design a nutritional and workout program to meet all your needs.

How does membership work?
We offer an unlimited monthly membership for $79 (unlimited in both locations) or you can pay per class (5 class punch card is $50). Unlimited memberships require automatic payment and can be cancelled with 30-days notice.

Is there a trial class?
We insist! Please try a week's worth of classes free to see what we are all about. To reserve your free trial, please click here

What is the atmosphere at The PIT Arizona?
Our positive, high-energy, encouraging, and non-judgmental environment provides the best atmosphere for reaching your goals. We have a team attitude and will do whatever it takes to help you succeed! And we offer a money-back guarantee to prove it!

Train like a fighter without being one! Try a workout at The PIT Arizona today!

101 & Baseline in Mesa
2602 West Baseline Rd, #1, Mesa, AZ 85202

Chandler Heights & Recker in Gilbert
3978 East Chandler Heights Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85298

480-755-3008 - www.thePITaz.com
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CrossPIT and the PIT AZ is hosted by Kajukenbo Arizona.