About 4 years ago I was really out of shape at about 212 lbs. and not feeling too great about that, I decided to do something about it. Four years later I'm 165 lbs. and feeling great about what I've learned and what I can pass on to others and my family. Where before I could barely get past 20 push ups and sit ups, now I can run 2.5 miles then work out for a hour and half doing all kinds of cool workouts that I used to wish I could do. I highly recommend anyone who would like get in the best shape they can.

Adam Smith
Tempe AZ

As a former member of the Army I know how to work hard. CrossPIT helps me maintain the physical standards I feel best at. Training at PIT Arizona helped prepare me for competing in two Tough Mudders and is helping me get ready for the Toughest Mudder later this year. I love how my entire family can train together, each of us at our own level. Thanks, PIT AZ!

Omar Garcia,
Mesa, AZ

Thank you PIT AZ for getting my husband in the best shape of his life. John not only changed his body but developed great relationships with the instructors and students. I love how he sets a great example to not only PIT AZ students but our family too! Now we can live happily ever after for a very long time.

Deb Smith
Gilbert, AZ

I love CrossPIT workouts! The flexible class schedule works great with my work and family schedule. My workout time is maximized and I can get it all done in 30-minutes. PIT AZ helped me get in great shape for my 2-week backpacking trip. And I can keep up with my three active sons much easier. Train Strong!

David Booth
Chandler, AZ

I love how CrossPIT has changed my body and mind. I am no longer afraid to push my body past it's limits. Not only do I look and feel better, but I am able to live my life more fully! Thank you for giving me the confidence to become the best me I can be!

Stefanie Levine
Chandler, AZ

As a student athlete, CrossPITs helped me reach my full physical potential for all my sports. I appreciate the flexible schedules so I can get the workouts in but stay on top of my studies too. The variety takes all the pressure off me as I know I am maximizing my 30-minutes of workout time. No matter what my goal is PIT AZ helps me reach it.

Nic Corder
Tempe, AZ

I just attended Girls Camp which was like a 15-hour per day CrossPIT. I lugged 5-gallon buckets and jugs of water up and down hills, loaded/unloaded stacks of chairs into my truck, flipped over and arranged countless long wooden benches countless times a day, leaped over brick walls, ran myself up and down hills and walkways to quickly fix/prepare/find something/someone, moved heavy logs and rocks to make a path, loaded and unloaded ovens, bins, suitcases, dutch ovens, etc, easy 5-mile hike that included leaping and bounding. All without panting, breaking a sweat or even blinking. The teenagers and 20-year olds could barely keep up with me! Thanks PIT AZ!

Jana Acereto
Mesa, AZ

CrossPIT improved my life. I have always been physically active but now I am getting stronger and increasing my stamina. In just 30-minutes a day, I get more done physically than most of my friends. I love it!

Linda George
Tempe, AZ
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